Monday, December 09, 2002

Okay now for all of you who have been so terribly worried about the
famous toothache - here's the story.
(what you don't remember?)

We all recall way back in chapter one when I had the unbearable
toothache and wouldn't be nice ot anyone for a week, don't we? Well the
dentist visit back then amounted to an X-ray, a prescription for pain
killers and anti-biotics and a "come back next week for ROOT CANAL
TREATMENT". $45 for the X-ray, $27 at the Chemist and Yep, it wasn't
fixed straight away.
That was back on the 4th June.
I tell everyone I will be nice again next week when I have THE TOOTH
The following week I go to the dentist for the hour long visit and he
digs and probes for an hour and then says "Right - see you next week"
.... whaaaat? The nice lady at the counter says "$600 thank you very
much" .... it starts to get so you don't know what hurts more!!!!!
Okay so I go again next week and more of the same with the end result
"Right - see you next fortnight" .... oh, come on now? The dentist is
off to Canada to study ... you guessed it ... ROOT CANAL THERAPY.
Okay last week I go back and think this is the real thing - the final
visit - he's the expert now, back from Canada and all, and we end up
back to "Right - see you next week" at the end of the session and he has
been playing this terrible jazz CD that he got for free when he bought
two T-shirts in Canada (how to make a patient really suffer).
But today I went and he filled the tooth and said that's it - he doesn't
need to see me for another year unless something goes wrong - too cool .

I took my own CD today as well so it was quite a good day until the girl
at the desk caught me on the way out "$95 thank you very much". Yep, the
final sting!

But for all those who were anxiously awaiting the news that I would be
pain free and pleasant again - maybe it won't be happening now at all ,
I'm pretty used to being grumpy after a solid two months of it and I'm
not all that impressed with my $767 tooth, it just sits there looking
like all the rest with nothing to show for its extravagance!